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Leon Wempe



Leon Wempe is a young artist at the beginning of his artistic career.

He uses many different media in his works, such as oil, pastel, charcoal or coloured pencil. These media are also used in combination to find the intended expression.
In the process, big questions are raised, and the world is viewed critically. Thus, the picture sometimes takes a dystopian look at the future or considers oneself in search of one's place in the world.

Through his studies in computer science, Leon Wempe has natural access to the new means of this time, which arise through the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) in art. Thus, AI brings a whole new source of creativity and expressiveness to his craft.

Leon Wempe also varies in motif from portraits to landscapes to depict feelings and complex issues. Thus, a central theme is the interdisciplinarity of all possible forms of representation as a means of communication.

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